Feliz Verano

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Wow, It’s really hot here in Italy! Hi guys! I haven’t written for a while, work and a lot of new projects fill the days … in the meantime summer has come!! Finally! I would say! I couldn’t wait! I immediately took the opportunity to return to my favourite summer¬†places! And what better opportunity to […]

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Colourful Socks

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Good morning everybody, Today, I decided to use some socks very colourful to give my outfit a strong character. The brand is called Via Calzabigi, which in this moment is also offering a great promotion . ūüėČ Socks can have the power of¬†making curious and hypnotize people due to their extremely variety of lines and […]

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Make it easier

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Hi! The post of today is about a new app really useful which is called Vodafone Wallet. Last night I tested it for the first time and it was absolutely easy to pay the dinner! With Vodafone Pay you can link whichever credit card you have and easily pay whatever you like. I think you […]

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The cosmopolitan city of London is the capital of England and its very name suggests history and grandeur. It is the premier city in Europe in terms of size, population and per-capita wealth. What strikes visitors more than anything about London is the sheer size of this city, spreading across a huge area from its […]

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What I love about it The university. All those fresh-faced students with their revision notes tucked under their arms. Bicycles. Gargoyles. Pipe-smoking dons in tweeds. Crowded bookshops. The buzz of intellectual excitement. History in miniature. Physically, it is a beautiful city, with a compact centre, crammed with fine, old buildings, and some interesting urban villages, […]

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Break the classic!

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Hi guys! How is going? I’m great! I’m quite busy for my job, but I’m excited because summer is coming as well! I can’t wait for it! As I said I’m working today and it is always difficult to find the right outfit for a working day.¬†I think that the outfit should never be the […]

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Hello! I can finally talk to you about one of my deepest passion: the street-wear! I am sure that you have heard it as well, that feeling of elation when you look in the mirror and you just say: << Today I feel cool, I’ll split the world! >> You know, in my little experience, […]

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Hello! Here I am with a new article¬†wearing a blue coat and a grey t-shirt,¬†a cargo trousers¬†and beautiful sunglasses waiting for sunnier days. Wishing you good day, I make an appointment with you to the next post. ūüėÄ T-shirt: Going Up Coat: Up to one¬†

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