Break the classic!

Hi guys!

How is going? I’m great! I’m quite busy for my job, but I’m excited because summer is coming as well!

I can’t wait for it!

As I said I’m working today and it is always difficult to find the right outfit for a working day.¬†I think that the outfit should never be the same!

If you always wear the same suite it is annoying. Isn’t it? ūüėÄ

Being formal is crucial in a work place, on the other hand I think we should try to be different from the others.

Today, I’ll teach you a really easy tip. Everything starts from the rule that I always like to repeat: Keep your eyes open! See around you and find the right colour, style and pattern which make you feel comfortable, serene and cool. Remember that it has to change;

Today I’ve worn a classic black suite made by a pair of trousers, a¬†vest and a necktie all black.

Then, a pair of¬†trendy glasses, a present of Ale, a friend of mine –¬†which are always an impact detail.

Finally, my Hipster Blazer Up to One! An Aztec Blazer with Jacquard pattern which  you can also wear with a simply white t-shirt, a jeans or whatever you want.

The good news is that you don’t need to dare,¬†you just need to give use your creativity with what you have!

Live! Work! study, enjoy your free time! Whatever you do, enjoy it! If not why should you do it?

Goodbye and… Good Luck!



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