Good morning! I use many time on my traing the Flyboard!  Flyboard is the proprioceptive multi-functional tool “Made in Italy” designed by Gennaro Setola, made of natural wood that perfectly fits the body weight (max 160Kg) and the posture of who uses it.

Thanks to its special hemispherical shape, Flyboard is used without mat both on the concave and convex side to perform a multitude of exercises involving, synergistically, the main muscle districts of the body.

The movement of oscillation can be considered as a quite natural phenomenon that, through the use of the Flyboard, turns in active neuromuscular strengthening activities.

During a run or fast walk, the impact of the feet on the ground produces mechanical oscillations which might be traumatic.

Flyboard produces a natural movement of oscillation(swinging action), for which the impact of the feet on the ground is completely cancelled, although, in order to counteract the force of gravity, the mechanical stimuli assigned  to develop and maintain the muscle and bone tissue are generated equally.

If you want know more about Flyboard you can find more information in the link below.


Gennaro Setola



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