I can finally talk to you about one of my deepest passion: the street-wear!
I am sure that you have heard it as well, that feeling of elation when you look in the mirror and you just say: << Today I feel cool, I’ll split the world! >>
You know, in my little experience, I have found that this thought derives, among other things, from the way we see ourselves in the mirror: the greater is the courage that I put in exposing my style, my idea, the more I am satisfied. And it is from there that a fantastic day begins.

In particular, during this day, my outfit helped me to put myself in the huge, varied, social ecosystem that is London, Southwark Street.

The checked shirt, the most consistent among the trends of this vintage, oversized flannel. It literally saved my life with the cold weather on the bank of the Thames.
The sweatshirt, 100% cotton jersey, it’s the perfect balance of comfort and convenience! Made by those crazy of my friends of @going_uphandmade, they have chosen this geometric fantasy that, in its simplicity, is ideal for leisure! And what about the trousers? Wow!! 100% cotton jersey, stretched fit! I love it! A pair of @UPTOONE trousers as usual has distinctive features and pleats which make a classic man’s trousers a trendy article!

And you must be wondering … what the hell were you doing in Southwark Street? 😂 Well, if there’s one thing I love to do, that is definitely looking around for new outfits, trying to locate the own style of each one, that baggage of emotions that each of us carries with him … and a walking over the London Bridge is always one of my favorite windows.

… Goodbye and Good Luck!



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