Here I am!

Hello guys!

Am I the only one who has noticed that Spring has finally arrived?!
Personally, I was absolutely excited waiting for this moment!

A few days ago I went back to home for a short break from my work commitments and to get away from my mother who insisted that I had to eat because I was too thin I allowed myself a short walk and which could have been better time to wear my new suit!?

It’s an UP TO ONE suit. The Jacquard it’s really comfortable, it adapts to the body features and highlights the crazy triple-patterns! An elegant outfit , but absolutely not boring.

The blazer, single-breasted, maintains the traditional flush neck, really casual. A blazer that I matched to jeans, during the morning in the office. A bomb!

The waistcoat, the regular trousers with pence and papillon together are the soul of this dandy outfits. These are the details you have to watch out if you really want to distinguish yourself from the other people.

Well, now I must go, before my mom finds me and forces me to eat something else!




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